Shopping Abroad

There has been something that I’ve wanted to get my hands on, for a very long time.

Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate. The modelling chocolate that is suited to people with hot hands (namely me). The latest medium of choice these days is to use modelling chocolate for the wonderful reasons that are so often raved about by countless of decorators – it holds its shape, blends between joints easily, and it’s the medium of choice for sculpting, and tastes really good. But every time I act upon it, just as I’m about to add the items for checkout, I close the window tab on the Internet browser. I chickened out. The thought of the freight fees and the estimated time of arrival often deterred me from making any online purchases from cake decorating businesses in North America, which begs the next question, “do I really need this?”

One day, in November, I placed this order for my own Hot Hands Modelling Chocolate. As expected, I “sucked it up”, and paid for the postage fee and patiently waited. Six weeks later, after the madness of Christmas and New Year, I finally received it at my workplace. Whilst the long wait seemed to own the product worthwhile, it begs the question and prompted me to write this blog post, how I wished postage was not a deterrent for many decorators like us who live across the globe from North America. Or how the prices are much dearer, from cake decorating supplies stores in Australia. Understandably, they too had to pay for the freight to stock this products.


Whilst I am aware of the option of US freight-forwarding services, I am not fully confident of their services than if I had the items delivered directly from who I was dealing with in the first place. So I would like to hear what are your personal experiences. Maybe it’s nothing to do with products or tools that are related to cakes, maybe other products or gifts.

For those who are after cake-related tools, what are your “must-haves” for 2017? What are the items that you want in your local cake supplies stores? I’ve thought of a list of other things that I have wanted since last year, and I would love to hear what you like to have as well



One of the latest innovations by Marilyn, this product can make edible fabric, and it works with other mediums like wafer paper and fondant. Fabric is often mimicked with draping fondant or gum paste, but I believe it looks different with this product.

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structure


Ahh. I’ll have you know that I am hopeless in making a structure for novelty, or sculpted cakes. Whilst I may be able to come up with one, I have no hope in knowing how to create an internal structure with what is available from home improvement stores like Bunnings in Australia. I need something that is considerably easy to make it food-safe and assemble. This looks like the bees knees for many decorators who would like to have a structure they could easily build upon, and I can’t wait for it to reach our shores.

Flower cutters and veiners, from Giovanna by Sugar Art Studio


Many sugar florists will agree that the cutters and veiners from Sugar Art Studio are exquisite, beautiful, and looking at the photos on their website, you (sorta) have the assurance that you could reproduce a flower to look remotely like that. I had the pleasure of organising a delivery to my Airbnb accommodation during my trip to New York, just to avoid the hassle of paying shipping.

I think my next mission is to get Giovanna from Florida to come Down Under to show us how to use her amazing cutters…

Carma Massa Ticino Tropic fondant


The fondant/sugarpaste/icing that everyone raves about. How the fondant just stretches, no elephant skin for a long period of time which means you get to work on it for longer for whatever reason it may be. Australians have Bakels which behaves well, and some times you would rather bin the whole bucket and try again with something else. I’d love to get my hands on them!

Simi Cakes Isomalt and Transfer Sheets


Image from Simi Cakes

Honestly, I have been able to play with a some Isomalt over the last two years, and with the rise of the use of isomalt on buttercream cakes like Cakes like Cliff (clink on link so you know what I mean), I feel like experimenting this year.

But what I’m more curious to try is the transfer sheets, which looks transcendent when isomalt is poured over them. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must have a look at some of the amazing creations with the transfer sheets!

Hope to hear some of the things that you want to get from overseas but you’re too afraid to pay for the exorbitant shipping fees!

PS: If the products I listed are available in Australia, let me know!

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