Rubbing shoulders with cake “celebrities” – Part 3

I could not believe the show had come to an end so soon. I wished I could have been in forever and forever. Coming to this show, entering the competition, only sealed my passion for cake decorating, and reinvigorated my drive for Van Goh Cakes. Pharmacy has come a long way in my five years of being in the workforce, and it’s almost as though I found myself since I started cake decorating. I am glad that I have found my calling, and would love to hone on my skills and be one of the best out there!

After my brunch with Evelyn, I decided it was the best for me to go back to the show. My luggage was packed, and I didn’t really want to go anywhere else, so the show would be the best place to be before I pick up my entry and take it back home with me.

I had to admit that I didn’t purchase a lot of tools/kits/moulds/colours/fondant at this show than I would have expected of myself – not knowing if it was my subconscious reminding me that I do not have that much baggage allowance, or I just didn’t have anything more to buy. You know that feeling when you’ve fulfilled all your wants to the point that you don’t have anything left to buy? Uh huh, that was me.

One of my purchases was the acrylic cake scrapers from Janet of The Cupcake Lady, where she had a demo showing everyone just how these cake scrapers are used. I’ve used them since and I’ll show you how wonderful they are in the next blog post!


Janet showing how to perfectly ganache a cake!

I was glad to meet Louise Vansleve, founder of Learn Cake Decorating Online and Start Your Cake Business again, after briefly chatting with her at the dinner gathering. Louise is another example of how having a good business/marketing sense really gets you places. Let me start by saying, if there was no Louise, Van Goh Cakes would not have existed. When I was first approached to start Van Goh Cakes, I remembered speaking to my housemate, WL, asking her how and what do I have to do in order to start up this business. It’s well and good that there are free webinar/courses out there, but nothing that was within the context of a home-based cake business that I was wanting to establish. That’s when Louise came along, with the aptly named “Start Your Cake Business” online course. Her course helped me build the core of the business, or any business actually – what are my visions for the business, what is the business plan, before we head on into the nitty gritty/technical part of setting up the business. So in all honesty, I am so glad to have achieved what I have achieved today if not for Louise who really untapped the inner courage to make me realize a dream of mine 🙂 So I could not thank her enough!


Thank you for everything Louise!

And I guess that wraps up my little trip to Sydney, with big memories! As for my cake entry? Well that suffered more hardships when I flew back to Melbourne and drove home, it came to the point that it didn’t matter, just to be happy that entry was memorable to most folks 🙂