Learning with Liz Marek!

Whether you decorate cakes as a hobby or as a business, you may have heard of Elizabeth Marek, from Artisan Cake Company. If you haven’t, I urge you to check her out on Facebook, Instagram, even on her cake tutorial website, Sugar Geek Show.

The first time I knew of Liz was when I started cake decorating three years ago. I think it was  when Threadcakes competition was running, and I remembered looking at her entries and they blew my mind. I could not fathom how this steampunk beauty is all cake!


That’s not cake! Whaaaaaaaaat!!

Since then, I developed an interest in her work, and the years go by, I am an adoring fan. Her designs blows your mind, and I am constantly in awe of her creations. She started teaching online, with Youtube videos, and recently with the launch of the Sugar Geek Show which I watch religiously, and I look forward to the new tutorials every month. But what was even more exciting was when Bake Boss Australia announced Liz’s tour in Australia, and Melbourne!


The excitement when I saw this on my Facebook feed was indescribable. I knew that I must attend this class!

Classes were released in February, and with a little help from my colleague at work who could fill me in on the days that I’ll be attending Liz Marek’s class, I was set to meet her in person and learn everything she has to offer. May 18th could not come any quicker! It was a fantastic, stress-free two days that one could hope for in a cake class. Her instructions was concise and easy to understand, she guides you on what to do to get the best results, and she allows your creativity to shine through. And as you can see, every fairy was different and matched each and every one’s personality. What enhanced my experience at the class was the fantastic company, together with some familiar faces.


Amongst all the cake idols that I look up to, Liz is constructive, generous, and most of all crazy talented that makes me want to strive for better creativity better designs. So this is my version of my fairy from Liz’s class. A gold blonde fairy, with streaks of black hair for a grunge element haha! Rose gold armour and crown with wings that makes you go beyond Neverland.


Another heartfelt thank you to Liz for bringing your family to tour down under for weeks away from home sweet home, to Scott from Bake Boss for making this happen. Take home message? If you’re close to where Liz will be hosting a class, I urge you to do so. I think Liz is better than meeting Santa Claus 🙂


x Vincent


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