Who Am I?

I intended to write a blurb a few months ago, introducing myself and how Van Goh Cakes came about on this blog but never got around to it. And for the fear that I might sound narcissistic. It was not until I was approached by Rolaine from the Australian Cake Decorating Network this week who wanted to feature me in their June newsletter to their members that I almost hyperventilated in excitement. The deadline given was a Friday; it was a Wednesday when I was asked, I pondered on how do I showcase myself, my love for cake decorating, and the business and not sound dreary and boring at the same time?

So allow me to reintroduce myself and Van Goh Cakes with this blurb that I wrote for the newsletter:

“By stroke of luck, cake decorating found me – a dear friend casually asked me to make her wedding cake a couple of years ago, and I freaked out. I had no idea how to decorate a cake, and set the silly idea aside. Few months after, I was introduced to Buddy from Cake Boss by my boss at work. As I watched episode after episode, I was hooked more and more. The idea of cake decorating intrigued me, so I took the plunge and signed up for a Wilton course in 2013. Since then, the art of cake decorating drew me in, I bought more books, tools and ingredients, wanting to create more. My creative juices flowed with the endless possibilities I could make with buttercream, with later introduction to ganache and fondant.

Friends and family suggested I should consider selling cakes professionally, and after enrolling a course with Louise Vansleve on Start Your Cake Business, Van Goh Cakes was born in August 2013. I picked Van Goh Cakes because of how my name Vincent Goh often rhymes with the great Van Gogh, and quoting a friend, “every mouthful is a work of art”.

I did not make my friend’s cake because it was too risky to bring a wedding cake all the way to Hong Kong, but I am blessed to have made some amazing cakes so far. I hope to gain more skills, and hopefully open my own cake studio one day.”

Thank you once again to the Australian Cake Decorating Network for allowing me to have my little segment of fame, I was pleased with myself when I saw it in the email tonight šŸ™‚


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