Hello and welcome to my first posting on this blog!

I must admit that it has been so long since I posted on a blog, and who knew I decided to have a blog now for my cake business, Van Goh Cakes. I decided to have this blog other than having my Facebook page, and my website at to share my experiences with specific cake projects I encounter. As we know, the Internet is a ¬†melting pot of sorts – you have cake decorators sharing photos of their lovely creations, and some offer some advice on cake-related problems, even tutorials on how to make certain smashing cake toppers. I started this business out of the love of cake decorating. Every cake is different from one another, and it’s a masterpiece, some better than others. Even as I am typing this, I am constantly inspired by other cake decorator’s work and I strive to better myself and to learn what others do. After five months of learning and decorating, I wanted to share my two cents worth of what I know of baking cakes and decorating them, so I hope you’ll stay to read some of my posts.

Thank you and stay tuned!


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